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Your Rain
Большой Ух

Dancing alone again, again the rain falling.
Only the scent of you remains to dance with me.
Nobody showed me how to return
The Love you give to me.
Mom never hugged me,
Dad loves a stranger more than me.

I never wanted to ever bring you down.
All that I need
Are some simple loving words.

You touched my body once,
It burns me still softly.
Never forgets, never again
Will be, I cry...

Out of my head and I don't know
What I found.
Over and over I feel
It break me down.

On the sidewalk of the city
Are my screams just a whisper?
Busy people going nowhere see me
Soak in the rain.
No compassion, nothing matters,
My resistence is waning
Like a flower in the basement waiting
For a lonely death...

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Грустная тяжелая песня... но такой и фильм. Советую перейти с Акиры Ямаока на Васаби Терамису

Если я смешаю Васаби с Тирамису тяжело будет моему желудку) придется делать Харакири ))

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